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Reselling Business: Make Money Online By Reselling Digital Services
Reselling Business: Make Money Online By Reselling Digital Services

Currently, many individuals have discovered ways to make money with WordPress. There are wide ranges of ways by which you can too gain a living online with it. Have you at any point thought of making money by WordPress? If YES, then this particular post is a treat for you where I will examine 8 best ways to make money with WordPress.

8 Best Ways to Make Money with WordPress

  1. Creating and Selling Plugins

Let’s say you have worked on WordPress, you should know about one thing– you can’t run your blog without using plugins, isn’t that so? Everybody utilizes plugins to include additional features that facilitate to run a WordPress blog effectively. There are a vast number of plugins accessible in WordPress – some of them are entirely free, and the remaining are premium ones.

As you discover an answer for an issue and make a plugin for it (that your readers may be interested in purchasing). There’s nothing that can prevent you from making easy revenue from it. Break down a couple of existing plugins that are profiting and make sense of how you can do likewise to make a steady income like Pippins Plugins or OptinMonster.

As you are thinking to make money by selling WordPress plugins, make a point to make them by concentrating on a particular need. Perhaps the best model in this class is the Comment Luv commenting link-back plugin. It makes your blog a spam-free remarking zone, and over 750k bloggers around the world utilize the free form. Furthermore, the plugin designer adapted their creation by making a premium version with further developed highlights.

You can sell your WordPress plugins at CodeCanyon. Sell it from your very own blog, or by making a different webpage for it. You can also make money by working on custom plugin ventures. You will discover such activities on outsourcing destinations like Freelancer, Elance, Odesk, and so on.

  1. Create WordPress Themes

Create WordPress Themes

Create WordPress Themes

Are you a website specialist or designer? Indeed! At that point, you can make money by creating WordPress Themes. You don’t need to be a top-class designer or programmer to plan an extraordinary looking WordPress theme. You should recognize what you are planning for your targeted visitors.

Toward the day’s end, you should know to whom you are planning your theme for, or else you will wind up discovering zero visitors for your theme. There are such a significant number of organizations which are planning awesome themes for WordPress destinations to make automated revenue streams.

For example, individuals like Brain Clark and Chris Pearson established StudioPress and Thesis separately to produce quality and engaging theme for WordPress sites. They have been making millions over the years now just by employing a couple of developers and selling appealing theme every single day.

As you’re at the beginning of making WordPress themes and still not confident enough, rather than doing everything without anyone else’s input you can make the team. Or join an endeavor that is as of now in the matter of making themes for other people. Along these lines, you won’t have as troublesome of a period profiting while at the same time finishing your work.

You may sell your WP theme at ThemeforestCreative MarketMojo Marketplace,  or you can sell them from your site. Much the same as plugins, you may likewise deal with custom WordPress theme ventures for customers to make some additional dollars.

  1. Providing WordPress Consulting Services

Providing WordPress Consulting Services

Providing WordPress Consulting Services

Probably the most straightforward ways to make money with WordPress is to provide consulting services. It tends to be done effectively you are great at WordPress – be it making unique crafts for customers, or instructing WordPress tutorials to learners or propelled clients.

Ensure you have an outstanding portfolio as you are considering making a secure revenue stream by using this strategy. Probably the least demanding approaches to fabricate an incredible portfolio to expand your pay is to offer your consulting services (or select items you’ve made) for nothing to a portion of the top convincing bloggers in the WordPress community.

Request that they give input as they are happy with your work or to share a survey of your service on their blog. This can truly help your online deals, as tributes from top bloggers are incredible social confirmation.

  1. Blog Setup Service

Blog Setup Service

Blog Setup Service

Is it accurate to say that you are a beginner or blogger who doesn’t have much WordPress abilities even though you need to make money with WordPress? Sure, a blog set up service is the ideal alternative for you. Indeed, even freshers can also provide this sort of service. How?

Many individuals need to use WordPress in their online blogging, yet they don’t have much-specialized information. So they choose blog setup service. Your work as a blog setup service provider will be to introduce WordPress, install your WordPress theme, including the suggested plugins, and so forth.

To get customers to make a blog setup service page on your blog or site. Catch the attention of few leads or devoted traffic to that page, either by including banners for your service your webpage, visitor blogging or by paid promoting or adding social media too.

If individuals are keen on your offer, they’ll get in touch with you. New bloggers won’t have any desire to pay. You can give the blog setup service to free. However, you’ll need to depend on affiliate links inside your service page.

For example, you could suggest that they Bluehost WordPress hosting since they offer intensely valued facilitating that new bloggers can manage the cost of in addition to their affiliate commission pays upwards of dollar 65 for each fruitful signup. So also, you can recommend theme, plugins, security administrations and other affiliate items to them when they sign up through your service page. Recollect something –suggest things which you have tried and are great.

  1. Theme Customizations

As you’re an expert developer with some additional time on your hands? Have a go at offering customization service. Numerous designers are making excellent side earnings offering site, theme as well as plugin customization benefits on sites like Upwork, Fiverr, PPH, Guru, and Freelancer.

Regardless, there are many WordPress users who can introduce a theme (or possibly their facilitating supplier provided this alongside the setup of their WordPress install) however they don’t have the specialized capacity to make changes for page designs, custom post types, and so forth. It is the place you can present your services at a set or variable every hour rate.

  1. Content Writing Service

Content Writing Service

Content Writing Service

Following the way of making money online is by providing content writing services. Are you able to write well? If Yes! Start providing WordPress content writing services. You may discover WordPress content writing services positions at ProBlogger Job Board, Elance, Odesk, PPH, and so forth.

Or on the other hand, visit your preferred online websites – many have contributor application pages where you can present your articles and get paid for them. So not exclusively will you get some wonderful backlinks from top-ranking websites? However, you can get paid for your diligent work.

Also, make sure to have a page that shows off your past work as your portfolio. Along these lines, potential bosses can examine your writing style just as the presentation that your articles get crosswise over online articles and social media.

  1. Start Your Website

Start Your Website

Start Your Website

In the online world, it is continuously prescribed to begin a site for your business. Anyway, what are you waiting? Publish your WordPress related blog and start making money from it. You can make a dedicated service page and provide what everything you can accomplish for your customers.

Notice your past work in the portfolio, and incorporate a couple of testimonials. Attempt to draw in with persuasive bloggers to make a network around your blog to get more customers.

Also, visit How to Create Outstanding WordPress Website in 15 Minute

  1. Monetize Your Blog

Monetize Your Blog

Monetize Your Blog

Selling items or services on your blog, you can make good revenue. You can make money using affiliate marketing, selling advertisements, sponsored reviews, and so forth from your blog. It requires no extra exertion from you – it’s mostly an approach to exploit the content and traffic you as of now have.

Most commercial and specialist organizations offer affiliate projects. A portion of our top choices that are anything but difficult to work with incorporate ThemeforestShareasaleCJ Affiliate, and Creative Market. Only information exchange for a FREE record and add connects to you posts where it feels characteristic.

To sell advertisements, you can offer your very own promotion bundles or work through an organization like BuySellAds. Or on the other hand, information exchange for a Google AdSense record and addition your code to give Google’s system a chance to deal with the promotions while you get a not half lousy check every month.

You can also visit Make Money Online through Google AdSense

You can likewise provide guest posts on your blog. Include a page or contact form to your site so brands can connect to pay you for audits, guides, list-style posts or something different. Make sure to stipulate in your supported post, understanding that all suppositions will be straightforward.


You don’t need to be a WordPress expert for daily living. You can do any of the above mentioned and skill to sell yourself or your item you will have a lot of opportunities to take in substantial income using WordPress. Additionally, make sense of what your visitors genuinely needs; along these lines, you will be successful. Hope our article “8 Best Ways to Make Money with WordPress” is helpful for you.

Do you know any other ways to earn money online using WordPress? If you don’t mind, share them in the comment section.

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