Hi. My name is Alizeh Rangoonwala. I guide students about how to make money online, create and learn to blog. I’m also a professional writer, and have been blogging and writing in the niches of Technology, Health, motivation, online earning and personal development and working as a freelancer for 1-year.

A little more about me:

  • Recently completed my Bachelors of Science in Computer Science from Iqra University(Karachi).
  • I’ve always had a love for art and design.
  • I’m a little bit of a neat freak at times and can get super anxious if I find too much clutter around me. I find that cleaning is super therapeutic though once I start.
  • I’ve always loved animals. I have a cat and two kittens as my pet.

My Hobbies

I love blogging, cooking, reading motivational books, watching movies, making new friends.

I believe you should bring yourself to the place if you wish to succeed in today’s world.

It includes your uniqueness, your behaviour, your character, your wisdom, your dignity and most significantly, your heart. I believe you run your own business or what so ever you do, an innovative and entrepreneurial approach is essential to win this entire world and to experience the joy and achievement you deserve.

Most more thing, I believe that whatever you dreamt of, or whatever the obstacles are, you can change your entire life no one else can do that. You can win this world you can do anything you want to do. All you need to do is to believe in yourself, love for others, helping others; kindness shows who you are.

Why I started this site?

If you have a website on WordPress and you like to continually make an effort to improve your site then subscribe onlineeaningforall.com and stay tuned for some great content. I can post different blogs about how an individual can make money online through blogging.

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My Certifications

  • Google Digital Garage (Online)
  • Digital Skills Challenge (Online)
  • Certificate in Information Technology from Imperial Institute.
  • WordPress
  • Freelancing
  • Creative Writing




Creative Writing
Creative Writing