Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

There are so many questions I get asked often so I thought I’d create a FAQs page so you can quickly get the answers.

Q1: How do I get a new website?

Ans: Pick a proven online business model (e.g. blogging, new product launches, services websites, product review sites, E-commerce any niche you love to), choose a cost-effective niche, start working on it do some research and then get to work. Remember three things: Focus, hardworking, and dedicating yourself towards your project and stick to it, in the beginning, you will face hurdles, but later you will enjoy. If you give up on yourself, you’ll never see success.  See this How to Create Outstanding WordPress Website in 15 Minute.

Q2: How long until I start making money?

Ans: How long is a piece of string? It can be a week; it can be a month; it can be a year, or maybe never. It all depends on YOU, what you do, how you do, how smart your work, and many other factors. Well, no one can give you a guarantee in this business. This isn’t a job where you’re looking to turn up and put ‘X’ amount of hours in, and no one can pay you the cheque.

Q3: I want to find niches for E-commerce / selling physical products on Amazon, can you help me?

Ans: Am sorry, I don’t have any experience at all. I’m just an affiliate marketer the one who deals with digital products. Also tried to cover all the FAQs.

Q4: So is Online Earning/niche marketing all about helping and guiding newbie?

Ans: Yes! Online Earning is for a newbie who wants to learn, start blogging and want to earn through blogging.

Q5: I don’t have much money and want to make money online?

Ans: No problem, if you don’t have money, but you have your skills. You can work as a freelancer where you can give your services to others globally. You can work with international clients as well. There’s saying no gain without pain. It will take some time. There are so many ways to start making money online.

Q6: Recommend me a theme I should use on my new website?

Ans: If you’re looking for a blog website, then I would be recommended something by Studiopress or DIYTheme. If you want to squeeze and landing pages, then go for LeadPages.

Q7: I created a website, but how can I make money from it?

Ans: There are around 101 methods for selling ad space to affiliate marketing to sponsored posts and furthermore. Plus you can also earn by applying for Google AdSense. I’ve covered some of them in this Best Ways to Make Money Online in Pakistan?

Q8: I’m doing keyword research but can’t find a beneficial keyword to create a good website?

Ans: You could start doing market research, not ONLY keyword research. Keyword research is just a part of the entire process.

Q9: Best tools for blogger?

Ans. I have covered some best blogging for a newbie. Check this out: Best Blogging Tools for Beginners 2018

Q10: How do I get traffic to my website/blog?

Ans: Traffic is all about knowing your target audience, their interest is and WHERE they hang out online then proper placing of your ads and also find a good platform where you can post your content on different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, forums etc. It can also be done by guest posting, blog commenting, networking, social media marketing, and content marketing, forum marketing or paid ads, and so on. You have so many ways to generate traffic to your site.

Q11: I’ve found a niche now can you analyze it or tell me if it’s profitable or not?

Ans: I can’t! I run my website about niches, but I’m not an expert on every niche to guide you. Like you also have to do some in-depth research on it to know whether it will be profitable for you or not. Well, for that, I will suggest you Post it on the Facebook group asking for feedback – there are more than 3,000 members you can find experienced niche marketers that can give you better advise you.

Q12: How can I rank my website on Google’s 1st page?

Ans: Well Google has more than 100 different ranking factors and different algorithm too and you have to be up-to-date but the significant reason still is high-quality backlinks from authorized domains (authority sites), so you have to produce great content worth linking to then you have to work hard to let those high-ranking people see your content. Google is changeable it continuously keeps updating, no one guarantee they’ll ever rank you, you may rank for a short period, but after that started to drop and lose all your traffic overnight.

Q13: Need advice on how to choose a domain/business name?

Ans. Keep away from spammy sounding keyword-stuffed or “same name” domains. Create something which can be easy to remember and brandable.

Q14: How can I create content that people love to read?

Ans: Create content high-quality content which will engage your audience and something which can help your audience, post your blogs on social media hubs and Q&A sites.  These are problems that need to be solved. Alternatively, enter your keywords/niche into BuzzSumo and see what content is already accessible. Create something powerful, eye-catchy and high-quality content. It is viral content if you promote it properly.

Q15: I’ve already found a niche, what next I do with?

Ans: Perfect! Research it, make a list of similar websites do visit on other’s website, and see what they’re creating for their audience. You will get a better idea for your website.

Q16: I don’t feel like I know each and everything in my niche, can I still compete?

Ans: You don’t have to be the world’s most knowledgeable person to compete in a niche; all you need to know is just who your target audience is.

Q17: Can I cover lots of different niches on one website?

Ans: Not really. Trying to cater to “each” if you’re a new blogger and want to rank your website on Google then FOCUS on one niche and start working on it. It will be profitable for you. 

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