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Suppose you want to make a fresh freelance writing service website from scratch?

From where should you begin?

What pages should be included in your freelance writer website?

In your new freelance writing website what features should be included?

How can you build the professional website through which you can earn money online and how can you convert your readers into the client?

This is what am going to cover today in this article.

Objectives of Your Freelance Writer Website

To place things in context before getting into what your webpage ought to incorporate, we should begin by thinking about what your freelance writer website is intended to do.

  • Attracting prospects
  • Converting prospects into customers (making the deal)

An incredible freelance website will do that in various distinctive ways. For instance, it may:

  • Your portfolio to showcase your work;
  • Show your skill;
  • Assist you to make trust earlier than you’re even in touch with a prospect;
  • Set you separated from your opposition;
  • Save you time by noting regular inquiries from prospects.

What’s more, if you truly go well beyond, it may even fill in as:

  • A “living” portfolio piece (or gathering of them through your own advertising resources);
  • A “thought authority” distribution (your blog post);
  • An asset for prospects.

Begin by choosing which of these things you need your site to do (or to come up different objectives dependent on your market and existing level inside it). At that point, you’ll be in a superior level to choose which of the accompanying pages and features suits the best on your freelance writer website.

5 Pages You Should Include In Your Freelance Writer Website

There aren’t a lot of things in business that I consider “musts.” But when it comes to your professional website, there’s no good excuse to leave any of the following five pages out.

There aren’t great deals of things in business that I believe “musts.” although, with regards to your expert website, there’s no reason to leave any of the given five pages mentioned below.

1. Home

Your home page will frequently be the early introduction you provide for a prospect that discovers you on the web.

Try not to make this something nonexclusive like a basic bio or services list. Make your home page a solid portrayal of your image. Furthermore, use it to feature anything from extraordinary advancements to the news – anything you desire to point out a touch of additional.

Similarly, ensure your home page highlights considerable critical copy that it will rank on the of the search engine results. At the point when individuals look for your name, you need your site appearing. More essential than that, when individuals look for a writer in your specialty, you need your site appearing high in those outcomes.

A home page with highlighting on a couple of pictures and connections isn’t probably going to enable you to do this. But since of specific patterns in topic structures, I’m seeing a great deal of this on freelancers’ websites nowadays. Try not to depend too intensely on originators and their cutout topics to sell your freelance writing services. You’re a professional writer. In this industry, conceivably more than any, your words are extremely important.

2. Services

Your clients should recognize what services you’re providing. Just saying you’re a freelance writer isn’t sufficient. In a perfect world, have deals pages set up for your key services. Having a single services page where you list the sorts of freelance writing projects you worked on.

Does this need to be a comprehensive list? No. I propose posting your most common services you’re providing, yet welcoming prospects to get in touch with you for statements on related tasks that may come up. Furthermore, bear in mind to incorporate advantages. A list alone is anything but strong deals. Explain to prospects why they require those services, and for what reason you’re the correct individual for the job.

3. Portfolio

Make sure to the impressive portfolio on your site that shows your quality work and ability to your valuable clients. The most outstanding ways to deal with is by including a portfolio which reflects your work on your website.

Here are some examples of how you can make a good portfolio for your website:

  • If you’re a writer and write content for the multiples of the website, you can usually use the link as a sample.
  • If you write for different media or magazines, you can use .PDF as the portfolio.
  • You can also publish them .PDF or image which reflects your own creativity on your website.
  • If you are a ghostwriter, you may possibly also post a brief of the projects.

If you’re new to the market and you nothing to showcase, here are some tips on how you can make a good portfolio in a short time:

  • Write blogs/articles on any niche you’re good at and share it on all your social accounts.
  • Write some mock pieces. (Provide your client with a free writing test sample around 250 words only. So they can see your writing skills)

4. About

The “About Us” page is the main pages for your website. It’s a chance where you can mention about your business on your website. This is a chance where you can introduce your visitors about your work/ business. Your “About Us” page must be well written so your visitors can easily understand what exactly your website is all about. When visitors visit on your landing page they expect some content or information on it.

5. Contact

Most likely this shouldn’t require to be said, “however it does your freelance writer website requires a Contact page. Your Contact page requires Name, Email and Message field. For more visit Contact Us Page.

You can also note your location, working an hour and business details on this page.

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