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Guidance to Become A Virtual Assistant (VA) and Start Making Money

Virtual Assistant (VA) is a freelancer who gives online services by working online. Become A Virtual Assistant He/She offers different services to people or associations. However, they don’t go physically into their customer’s workplaces. A Virtual Assistant main responsibility is to telecommute they work online for their clients through Skype, or on calls.

Guidance to Become A Virtual Assistant (VA) and Start Making Money

You want to become a VA who makes money online; you have to know the nuts and bolts about Virtual Assistant and what is the skill you requires to become a VA.

Yet before that, how about we begin with.

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Responsibilities Of A Virtual Assistant Do? 

In any company, there is a huge amount of work to do, yet not all organizations can hire an individual for each work. Mostly new companies don’t have the money to invest full-time staff. Therefore they frequently outsource some of their task or project to these “Virtual Assistant” who work for them online.

Virtual Assistant Jobs

There is a list of work Virtual Assistant do, and there is no restriction to this collection.

I have endeavoured to classify a list of work for a Virtual Assistant a virtual help does into 7 classifications. 

Note: If you’re searching for any work which I have mentioned below, you can get a little task from business and start making money without leaving your full-time job.

General/Administrative Virtual Assistants

Managerial VAs is progressively similar to office secretaries. All you need is the great time the executive’s abilities and a decent order over the provincial accent of English (however not compulsory).

You will deal with:

  • Emails from your supervisor and customers.
  • Telephonic request.
  • Booking arrangements/tickets.
  • Client follow-up.
  • Calendar management
  • Database and document the board.

Digital Marketing Virtual Assistants

In Digital Marketing Virtual Assistants deals with the online marketing promoting efforts of the organization. On the other hand, the VA must be clever about the rules and regulations of online marketing.

They mainly ordered into three structures:

  1. SEO Assistants.
  2. SMM Assistants.
  3. Content Marketing Assistants.

As a digital marketing virtual assistant, you will be working on the given task below:

  • Evaluate information to accomplish ROI.
  • Plan, sketch, and oversee content.
  • Make campaign procedures and examine the achievement.
  • Conduct assessment.

Programming Virtual Assistants

Here you will be contracted as a designer right hand either for a site or mobile application. As a designer, you can help companies to improve their online presence.

As a designer assistant, you will be responsible for carrying out these responsibilities:

  • Develop a site, application, or plugins.
  • Maintenance and testing.
  • Debugging and troubleshooting.
  • Managing content.
  • Ensuring that the site or application is user-friendly.

Design Virtual Assistants

A design assistant is needed to make the organization’s site easy to use. You will be selected based on your designing skills.

As a design assistant, you will be responsible for carrying out these responsibilities:

  • Designing of business site.
  • Designing of the mobile application.
  • Design flyers, business cards, and other promotional
  • Product shots and item boxes.
  • Infographic
  • Presentation structure.

Writing Virtual Assistants

As a writing assistant, you will be in charge of a wide range of content creation works. Now and again, a writing assistant additionally signifies “data entry clerk “. Therefore make it obvious throughout your meeting with the client whether it is a data entry related work or a writer’s related work.

As a composition partner, you will be required to do the following occupations:

  • creating content plans.
  • Research about highly ranked keywords.
  • Writing SEO-friendly content.
  • Editing and proofreading.

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Sound/Video Editing Virtual Assistants

An editing assistant is in charge of the marvelousness of sound and additionally, video. Be it the background sounds or the eliminating of any irritating sound from the background; a sound/video assistant completes all things.

As an altering colleague, you will be:

  • Removing the messiness.
  • Adding sound to connect with the audiences.
  • Adding CGI (Computer Generated Imagery).
  • Giving arrangements to the contents.
  • Making the content capable of being heard/noticeable to your audiences.

Financial Virtual Assistants

Making money online is state-of-the-art in any company. However, a few originators don’t have enough time to look after for their accounts, so they acquire a financial assistant to assist them in overseeing individual and company finances.

The Financial Assistant is responsible for:

  • Documenting all-cash matters.
  • Auditing records.
  • Analyzing account data.
  •  Checking after money related disparities.
  • Advising about money related administration.
  • Compiling resource and risk sections

How skilled would you say you are to Become a Virtual Assistant?

There is no expert degree required to turn into a Virtual Assistant. In any case, you should be acquainted with the sort of occupation you are applying for and basic learning about the area of expertise.

For instance, you wish to turn into a general VA; you have to know the fundamental knowledge about working on a PC. If you are applying for a content writer or an SEO assistant position, you should know the basic principles of composing a decent article which will rank on web search engines.


There are three different ways of hiring a Virtual Assistant:


In the basic hiring, you mustn’t have strong information about the area of expertise. You should inspire your boss throughout your meeting by demonstrating your enthusiasm for the organization for which you are applying.


You should have a unique ability like the composition, coding in a programming language, SEO, or web-based experiences. You might not have numerous long periods of working experiences in the field, yet you ought to have the capacity to deal with the work freely with superb outcomes.


As an expert VA, you need to have enough knowledge of your related field you’re applying for and should have good working experience along with a good portfolio to show.

Qualifications may not be compulsory for turning into a VA; however, there are a couple of characteristics which are essential to be successful as a Virtual Assistant.

Characteristics You Require To Be A Virtual Assistant

To turn into a successful Virtual Assistant, you should have these characteristics:

Communication skills:

  • Remember, you are working as an online assistant individual. If you do not have communication skills, you will neglect to make an association with your customer, and your customer won’t be satisfied.

Attitude to adopt:

  • Most of the time, you won’t be able to work along, you’re your client in your time zone, because of the timing differences. There might be some misunderstanding occurs, but it depends. You should effectively illuminate those misunderstanding and have a frame of attitude to adapt to your client’s attitude.


  • You should be a self-motivated person. You ought to be energetic about finishing your work on schedule strictly follows your deadline given by your client. Your enthusiasm about the work will keep you tuned in with your working hours and will increase the worth of your client.


  • Your client is reliant on you for the work he/she has allotted. You should be responsible for that work that assigned to you. You should let him know/her reality concerning why the work has not been done, or you are facing some issue. In any case, dependably endeavour to take care of the issue alone and complete your work on time.

Ability to state “NO”: 

  • There are times when your client will try to put overburden you with spontaneous or additional work. You can attempt to do that for some time to fulfil your client’s work just to make him satisfied, yet the better thing is to state “no”. Your correspondence about your work ought to be sound and clear. Your client must think about your work routine and anything over that must to not be permitted.


Step By Step Guidance To Pick Your VA Area Of Expertise 

It is a haunting question for all beginners, yet the most widely recognized answer is what you love to do.

To discover your VA area of expertise, you should simply begin filling in as a virtual assistant. Toward the begin, the most imperative thing isn’t to have an area of expertise, yet an occupation.

Consider it like this: Search for a VA work in a field you know how to function in. Currently, keep yourself ready for a change and attempt diverse things. You can’t realize what you appreciate to do in the event that you haven’t done it previously.  

let’s say you can begin as a writing assistant and continue working as a part-time writer or a freelancer. You begin investing more energy in planning; you can change to a developer or a designer assistant whenever with your current client or any other client.


Where to find a VA job

The web portal that works best to discover a virtual assistant job. You can constantly be looking for a VR work online whenever you wish to work online as a part-time freelancer:




You can likewise get a VA work through LinkedIn also via looking in the jobs section. However, getting an opening work on LinkedIn, your profile must showcase all your capabilities to be hired as a VR.

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Incomes of a Virtual Assistant vary between $10 to $30 per hour. It can now and again be more. When you begin your profession as a VA, your main focus must be on picking up new concepts, ideas, and mastery. The feedback is also necessary to help you to grow faster.


You can read some of the books designed for a Virtual Assistant. Or you can also go for certification as well. Yet, the most critical thing is your certainty of dealing with a customer’s concern and managing it for him/her.


Have you ever think of working as a Virtual Assistant? It is easy to say that you are one at this point? Where do you secure Virtual Assistant positions? Tell me in the comment section!

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