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How To Apply And Earn Money With Google AdSense Account
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Starting Your Career As A Freelancer
Hey guys! Hope you all are good. I want to start today’s article by asking the question. Have you ever thought of starting your career as a freelancer? Have you ever meet any freelancer who earn money online and you’re not aware of how he can do online earning? Want to know strategy making online money? There you go. In case you are considering how you can start working as a freelancer. If nothing else how individuals make money with Freelancing, at that point this is the place to from where you can learn about freelancing or discover some strategy making online money. The best thing you have gone over concerning starting your career as a freelancer. The article is composed to clarify freelancing, as well as to help you begin your career as a freelancer immediately. Do you know 53 million Americans who connected with freelancing which is 34% of the general employees? Predictably, it will increase by 40% by 2020.

What you’re going to learn from this Article?

What is Freelancing?

The one who works for multiple clients or organizations at the same time working temporary for any client of them is known as “freelancer”. The freelancer probably works online from home, but freelancing isn’t only restricted to work as an individual alone, but you can also work in a group as well. Make a team of freelancers having different skills set can join hands together who can work online for multiple clients or organizations at the same time and start making money. Freelancers work part-time and full-time as well. You as an individual work, no one can order you work without any stress and pressure.

Step by Step Guide on How to Start Freelancing in 2019:

Starting your career as a freelancer may be challenging for the newbie; however, the consistent progress and keep growing will help you to start making money as a freelancer. To starting your career as a freelancer, the following are the tips:

Your Ability:

The essential component of your freelancing strategy is to discover what you have and what you always loved to do. How better you can do as compared to other freelancers. It might be something you’re interested in. Make it a sellable recommendation and form it to advertise it and to get a profit from it. No matter what skills you have including writing, graphic designing, web development, mobile app development etc. you could offer whatever you have.

Polishing the Skills:

As you’re working as a freelancer doesn’t mean to continue offering your speciality without getting enlisted on an agreement based the employment you need to keep your learning procedure on to sharpen your ability and information.

Hunting the Opportunities:

This means in your freelancing profession instructs you to showcase your services as a freelancer. It’s progressively a brand building and advertising step where you create your character your profile and present yourself to get hired by companies or clients. It additionally includes contacting the clients and brands with your offer. It will be worth it if your clients connect with you knowing all your abilities.

Continuously Improving Yourself:

Keep in mind that accomplishment with any field lie’s with consistent change and adopting new things. IT Industry is known for its headway and moves at a quick speed when contrasted with different businesses. So never settle under any circumstance, continuously tend to improve, continue adapting new things in your business, this will get you an extreme achievement in freelancing. Presently once you’re clear about your ability, learning, and getting the chances, you’re great to continue with it. The freelancing strategy of making online money will lead you to the freelancing platforms. Where clients reach the destination, post their jobs, and hire a freelancer to take care of their business.

Top Freelancing Platforms

There are Top Freelancing Platforms available. It’s pretty much a region-based market the same number of independent freelancer marketplaces well known in the particular nations. And a couple has launched the nearby forms of various countries which make them emerge from the competition. Take a look at Top Freelancing Platforms that you should seriously think about:


Freelancer is a leading freelancing platform established in 2009. It is a head office located in Sydney, Australia. They have various offices in Vancouver, London, Buenos Aires, Manila and Jakarta. If you’re a newbie, I will never recommend this platform; the reason is that this platform is not for the beginners. But if you are experienced, I would recommend you this platform.


Upwork is the merger of Elance-oDesk, resulting in the arrival of the largest freelancing platform marketplace. I would recommend this platform to all new freelancers. One of my favourite freelancing platforms.


Guru is yet another most leading freelancing platform marketplace which was established in 1998 in Pittsburgh. You will find plenty of jobs where you can get hired quickly. You will also find many different categories where you can sell your services as well. Recommend this freelancing platform to all new sellers.


Fiverr my favourite freelancing platform to work on. It’s so easy to work on Fiverr as a freelancer, and making money online. Be your boss. All you need is to make a good and impressive profile use suitable keywords towards your services to make gigs for the services. Which you’re going to offer the use of proper keywords will bring better opportunity for you. Because on Fiverr, you will be only able to see the jobs which are relevant to your keywords. So be careful to make a proper gig.


PeoplePerHour is based in London freelancing platform. It was launched in 2005. It gives freelancers permission to post jobs and charge money whatever they want to as per services. This platform would also be suggested to all new freelancers to join. Making money is not such an easy task for the individual. Always being active on your all freelancing accounts because no buyer can wait for you to bit on their projects. It’s you who need it; you have to bit just after posting the job. If you bit just after publishing the job, your chances would increase for getting hired for that particular job; otherwise, someone else can be employed.

Key to Success on Freelance Platforms

There are specific ways to success at your freelancing career at those platforms:

Consistency on the platform

Make sure you have to be active daily on all your freelancing platforms. Most people started working as a part-time freelancer but not able to continue it daily. As a result, they will end up with zero response. If you want to earn money online through these freelancing platforms, then you have to be serious, especially in the freelancing. Remember, one thing doesn’t create accounts on multiple platforms start with any one of the platforms. So it will be easy for you to give time and work as a part-time.

Better communication ability

Well on freelancing platforms you will meet many different buyers and seller around the world to deal with you have to be gentle with everyone, because you need jobs. Most of the customers analyze the freelancer’s communication skills. How they talk, how they can manage work how they can fix any big or small problems and get inspired from. Sometimes you can talk on messages, but when it comes to building a long-term relationship with your client, they also move to Skype or Google Hangout to connect with both. If in case any misbehaviour from your side it could affect badly on your status. So it’s necessary to work on your communication skills.

Select the Right skills to present

First of all, before joining any platform, check all the categories and find which are relevant to your skills. If you don’t see any relevant skills set, then don’t make your account. Go for another platform do the same; for example, you’re right in web designing and won’t be able to find your relevant skills. You select graphics designing instead of; this won’t work for you never do that. Select what you’re good at.

Paid Subscription

A large part of the freelancing platforms you’d ever gone over would have paid and free membership models. It’s in every time better to get a paid membership to get benefit from the better choices and chances of getting hired.

Payment Methods

Earlier than you go any further to choose your freelancing platform, ensure that you think about the payment methods. Possibly, you wouldn’t have that instalment technique which that platform is already using, and you wind up disappointed toward the month’s end. In this way, before you begin working, ensure that the freelancing platform you’re using has different payment methods, like PayPal, Skrill, Payza, Bank wire etc.  

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Alizeh Rangoonwala
Alizeh Rangoonwala
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